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The Bad Idea Bears are two characters in Avenue Q. One is the colour blue, is male and wears a bow tie around his neck. The other is the colour yellow, is female and wears a bow on her head, a necklace around her neck and a dress.

Their first appearance is when Princeton is closer to finding his purpose in life, shortly after the song "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" They find him and convince him to waste his parents' money on beer, occasionally crying when he says "no" and yelling "YAAAAAY!" when he finally accepts their suggestion. Later, whilst Princeton and Kate Monster are bonding in a café, they come to him with some Long Island Iced Teas and persuade him to try a "drinking game" which results in Kate getting completely drunk. As Princeton and Kate have sex as a result, the Bears - with Gary Coleman - cheer them on. In Act Two, they unsuccessfully attempt to make Princeton hang himself. At the end of the musical, they seem to have learnt the errors of their ways by discovering Scientology, certainly not another bad idea.

Song Appearances

You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want

For Now

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