Christmas Eve is one of the main characters in the musical Avenue Q. She comes from Japan and is Brian's fiancée. After moving to the U.S., she worked in a Korean deli for a time, before becoming a therapist with two Master's degrees. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any clients for most of the show. She is quite cynical and speaks somewhat English. In Everyone's A Little Bit Racist, it is revealed that she is also racist, like everyone else on Avenue Q, although she is more a victim of racism and her taxi driver doesn't shower. She declares that the Jews have all the money and the whites have all the power.
Ann harada as christmas eve, avenue q



  • Ann Harada
  • Joanna Ampil
  • Ruthie Ann Miles
  • Sala Iwamatsu
  • Hazel Anne Raymundo
  • Angela Ai
  • Cláudia Netto (Brazil)
  • Grace Choi
  • Suzanne Chin


  • "Oh, that evil girl? She skanky."
  • "People always learning, all through their lives. Look at mama bird. She push baby out of nest and that's it. If baby bird fly, good for baby. If baby bird fall and crack head on ground and get eaten by cat, then it need to do better next time."
  • "Everyone's a rittle bit lacist!" -- Everyone's A Little Bit Racist
  • "So if there someone you are wanting so to kill them, you go and find him, and you get him, and you no kill him, 'cause chance is good he is your love." The More You Ruv Someone
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