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Princeton is a 22 year old college graduate, with a B.A. in English. Princeton can be described as a wide-eyed, naive individual, who is open to taking on life's challenges, and always taking them on head first. Despite this, however, Princeton can get discouraged quite easily.

He much resembles Kingston Livingston III (and a bit of Guy Smiley) from Sesame Street.


Relationship with others on Avenue Q[]

Kate Monster- Princeton's girlfriend. The two at one time (about halfway through) are amazingly close, pledging their love for each other, and they even have sex. Near at the end of the musical (when Kate gets her Monster School) she and Princeton mend their romantic relationship or become a couple again and decide to take their relationship one day at a time.

Nicky- Princeton's friend. They both help each other when they are in need towards the end of the musical.

Rod- Princeton's friend. The two don't interact all that much, but they get along pretty well.

Brian- Princeton's friend. Brian cares about Princeton, and helps him get back onto his feet after his world implodes on him.

Christmas Eve- Princeton's friend. The two don't interact all that much, but they get along pretty well.

Gary Coleman- Princeton's friend. The two don't interact all that much, but they get along pretty well.

Trekkie Monster- Trekkie isn't seen around Princeton all that much, but the two synchronized in, "The Internet is For Porn," showing some sort of a friendship.

Lucy the Slut- Princeton and Lucy have a one night stand after Princeton breaks up with Kate. However, soon after, Lucy takes a disinterest in him.

Mrs. Thistletwat- The two never interact. Princeton dislikes Mrs. Thistletwat just as much as Kate does.

Bad Idea Bears- Princeton is initially deceived by the two bears thinking that they have his “best interest at heart” he finds out quite the opposite is the case.

Puppet Information[]

Type of Puppet[]

Princeton is a single-rod Puppet, which means if the puppeteer is right-handed, the right hand goes inside the puppet and controls the mouth. If they are left-handed, it is vice versa. The puppeteer's left hand holds the rod attached to the puppet's left hand, and the puppet's right hand is pinned to its side. Should the puppet need to manipulate a prop, the puppeteer holds the puppet's hand and the prop, creating the illusion that the puppet is holding the object.


Broadway and Off-Broadway Portrayers[]

  • Barrett Foa
  • Howie Michael Smith
  • Seth Rettberg
  • Rob McClure
  • Adam Kantor
  • Jeffrey David Sears
  • Darren Bluestone
  • Ben Durocher
  • André Dias (Brazil - 2009)
  • Roberto Donadelli (Brasil 2010-2013)

West End Portrayers[]

  • Jon Robyns
  • Daniel Boys
  • Paul Spicer
  • Adam Petigrew
  • Sam Lupton